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News about the Scott Smith for Congress Campaign. Mr. Smith for Congress NY 18th CD.

News about the Scott Smith for Congress Campaign. Mr. Smith is running as an independent candidate in the 18th Congressional District of New York. 2020 campaign. Mr. Smith for Congress. NY 18.

Coverage on the Blog "The Fray"
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The campaign received coverage on the blog “The Fray”. I feel compelled to clarify a few points made. First, I have never been registered with a party. When I ran in Middletown I ran on my own independent line and was then endorsed by the local Democrats, an endorsement I accepted not because of the party, but rather because of the local people who approached me. The reporter is welcome to follow up on who they were and can ask them what motivated them. Second, although the vote counts are correct in the piece, I would caution against presuming where votes for me would have gone in my absence. Finally, it is pointed out that I registered, but ultimately did not campaign in 2016 and 2018. It seems like a somewhat incomplete point without inquiring why, unless the intention is to imply a certain lack of seriousness. I can assure you of my seriousness.