Smith Submits Letter to Local Papers Seeking Support


My name is Scott Smith. As some of you may know, I was a candidate for the 18th Congressional District seat in the 2014 election. My purpose in writing today is twofold.

First, this is a message of thanks. Thank you to my wife and daughters, you will never truly know how much your unwavering support meant to me or how much I appreciate the sacrifices you made. Thank you to my parents, family, dear friends, and neighbors who gave their time and encouragement. I could never have earned a position on the ballot without you. Thank you to the many people who took the time to speak with me, to learn about me, to share your concerns and thoughts with me, and to sign my petitions.

Second, I write to say that every reason, every concern, every frustration, and every hope that compelled me to run previously remains to this day. However, the previous campaign was a daunting endeavor that resulted in significant personal financial losses the likes of which I cannot incur again. Therefore, if you share my belief that you and I are no longer represented in congress, and if it is your desire that there be an independent candidate on the ballot in the 2016 congressional race, then I seek your help and support. If I can raise the necessary funds I will run. I humbly ask you to visit my website for more information, to volunteer, or to donate. Thank you.


Scott Smith